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Donating to the Friends

You can make donations to the Friends in any of the ways listed below.

When making a new donation, it's very helpful for us if you complete a Membership/Donation form as well.  This allows you to choose whether to become a member, to tell us what communication you wish to receive from us (if any) and how.  You can also tell us, if you wish, your reason for donating or joining us and whether we may publicise your donation.  It also enables us to thank you.

If you prefer not to send us a form, and you would like us to acknowledge your donation, please let us know an address, email or telephone number at least.


Please make cheques (or Charity Aid Foundation Vouchers) payable to “Friends of Bristol Eye Hospital”.  You may:

  • send these by post to Friends of Bristol Eye Hospital, Lower Maudlin Street, Bristol, BS1 2LX, or
  • deposit them in our secure collecting box on top of the corner of the large reception desk near the main hospital entrance.  There are several charity boxes here but ours is clearly marked Friends of Bristol Eye Hospital.  It can be a difficult to see or reach as it is behind the Hospital appointment log in monitors and can be covered with papers but the porters can help you.  Cheques may also be dropped into our 'MoneySpinner' near the reopened Brewnel café.
Please note that during the COVID-19 crisis, staff are exceptionally busy and non urgent visitors to the hospital are not permitted, so it may be some time before we receive any cheques.  It may be much longer than usual before we are able to thank you.



Cash can be deposited into the main collection box in the front desk (as above), our MoneySpinner situated next to the door into the patients' garden near the Brewnel café or any of our collecting goblets around the hospital.

Provided the amount you donate at any one time is not more than £30, we can claim Gift Aid (25% of your donation) on all cash received.  You do not have to be tax-payer or to fill out any forms for us to do this.

If you would like us to confirm receipt and to thank you, please put your money in an envelope with your name and telephone number or email or postal address on the envelope.  We will only contact you to thank you.


Internet Banking

You can donate directly to our bank account by BACS.  Our bank sort code and account number are shown on the Bankers' Order form on our Forms page.

We incur no charges on such payments.

If you make a payment this way and you would like us to acknowledge receipt of the payment, please telephone or email the Treasurer to give us your contact details.


Debit or Credit Cards

You can donate to us using a credit or debit card using any of the links on the right.  You can make a Gift Aid declaration in any of them.

If you would like to become a member, or tell us which communications you would like to receive, tell us the reasons for your donation or send us any message, please use Donorbox.

We incure fees as follows:

  • PayPal Giving Fund: nil
  • Donorbox: 20p plus 1.2% of the donation
  • PayPal: 20p plus 1.4% of the donation


Regular Donations

If you wish to make a regular donation, please complete a Bankers Order Form (and a Gift Aid Form if appropriate), which you can find in our display racks around the hospital, or which can be downloaded from our Forms page.  Or contact the Treasurer who will send you one.  Please post or deliver completed forms to:

Friends of Bristol Eye Hospital, Lower Maudlin Street, Bristol, BS1 2LX.


By Text

To donate £5 using a mobile phone, simply text EYE to 70085.

If you would like to donate an amount other than £5, please text EYE followed by the amount (in whole pounds up to £20), so:

  • to donate £5 Text EYE
  • to donate £10 Text EYE 10
  • to donate £1 Text EYE 1
We incur fees of 6% of donations by text.

After donating, you will receive a text thanking you and inviting you, if you are a UK taxpayer, to complete a Gift Aid declaration online.

Texts will be subject to charges in accordance with your mobile phone supplier's terms and conditions.

To donate £5 - text EYE to 70085


Gift Aid

If you make (or have made) donations to the Friends and you are a UK Taxpayer, we can claim Gift Aid of 25% on your future donations (and any recent past donations).  If you have not yet given us a Gift Aid Declaration, please download and complete the Gift Aid form from our Forms page and return it to the Treasurer.  Or, if you prefer, you can do this by emailing or telephoning him.