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Friends of Bristol Eye Hospital improve care and treatment for patients by helping to pay for medical equipment, patient comforts and staff resources which would not otherwise be provided.  Treatment for all patients has been greatly enhanced by our supporters.

For every pound raised, we spend 93p on this support, 4p on Governance costs and 3p on Fund-raising.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

For the latest information about visiting all Bristol hospitals, please see

We express our profound appreciation to NHS staff, all health and care workers and others in the front-line, helping everyone in these difficult times.



During the current coronavirus crisis, post sent to us care of the hospital is not being forwarded (as staff have much more important priorities) and we cannot go into BEH to collect it.  Naturally we wish to minimise or avoid any non-urgent contact or use of NHS time.


Where possible please contact us at the moment by phone or email.  If you need to post anything to us, please call or email any of the contacts below and we will give you a home address.

If you have posted anything to us since 24 March, please bear with us as it may be sometime before we receive it and can reply.


Many thanks.

24 April 2020

We recently purchased 28 packs of tea, coffee, drinking chocolate and biscuits – one for each department in the hospital - plus packets of biscuits for the outreach clinic (which has no facilities to make hot drinks).  We plan to repeat this as needed during the crisis.

14 April 2020

We will not be holding our AGM in May this year.  We plan to hold the AGM later in the year at a date to be agreed.

In Sight 2020 will also be published later than usual.

30 March 2020


Arts Group provides Face Visors and Masks to Bristol Eye Hospital

In April, Jo Symmons organised her friends (and friends of friends) to make and supply protective face visors and masks for local residential care homes, charities, hospices and hospitals, including Bristol Eye Hospital.


BEH were delighted to receive 100 of these and informed us so we could add our very grateful thanks to Jo.  Friends of Bristol Eye Hospital have since paid for the full cost of the materials used to make the visors supplied to BEH.


In all, Jo and her arty friends have made and donated about 3,000 visors and delivered them to 50 Bristol Residential Care Homes; NHS Community and Specialist Nursing Teams including Rapid Response Teams and Hospital Discharge Teams; BRI Paediatric Intensive Care Unit & Adult A&E, Cardiac & Respiratory ICU and Covid wards; Southmead Hospital, Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre, South Bristol Community Hospital, Bristol Eye Hospital, St Michael’s Hospital and Frenchay Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre; local charities such as the Thomas More Project and We Are With You South West; hospices; Community Support & Supported Living; and direct to vulnerable individuals or their families in the community.


Jo wrote “We have worked incredibly well as a team to safely make and pack visors, contact homes and hospitals and co-ordinate distribution. This has been an amazing team.


Jo is still looking to raise donations to cover the cost of materials.  If you would like to donate, please visit fund-raising site is not related to Friends of Bristol Eye Hospital or the hospital.


BEH do not currently require further masks or other PPE.  (We have asked at regular intervals.)

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Derek Tole in visor!

Visors delivered into BEH (Liam, one of the porters)

Jo and her creative team at work

1 June 2020

Anonymous donations - Thank you

We regularly receive donations for which we are unable to thank the donors; sometimes because they wish to remain anonymous and sometimes although we know a donor's name we have no contact details.

In addition to occasional anonymous donations, we currently receive £45 (from three people) directly into our bank account every month.

We also often receive donations, via Facebook, given in lieu of birthday presents or to celebrate an anniversary.

As we are unable to thank any of you directly, please accept our grateful thanks here – and if you are one of those whose birthday prompted donations please pass on our thanks to all your friends or family who donated.

1 May 2020

Grants made during the year to 29 February 2020

Purchase and maintenance of HRT3 Rostock Cornea Module Confocal Microscope, used to diagnose microbial keratitis and other devastating, painful and sight-threatening conditions affecting the cornea.  Examination with this microscope enables much better diagnosis and is much more comfortable for patients than the alternative unpleasant invasive procedure of “scrapes”.

Purchase and maintenance of Forus Neo Portable Wide-angled Retinal Camera for diagnosing early eye problems in babies and young children to help prevent them from losing their sight.  The camera has a specially designed wide-angled lens that gives a unique close up view of blood vessels behind the eye.  It’s portable so it can  be taken to babies who are too ill to be moved to BEH, for instance at St Michael’s Hospital, the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit of the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children and even patients’ homes.  It provides high quality images more quickly and more efficiently than the two previous cameras that were funded by the Friends some years ago which have helped more than 1,000 babies.  This grant was jointly funded by the Friends (paying one-third) and Above & Beyond (paying two-thirds).

Keeler Classic Portable Slit Lamp (and carry case), Indirect Ophthalmoscope and Practitioner Ophthalmoscope plus an Icare Tonometer all for the on-call BEH A&E team to take to examine patients in other Bristol hospitals – a so-called ‘grab bag’.  While other Bristol A&E departments have access to slit lamps, ophthalmology technology has evolved to support quicker and more thorough review, diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions in less invasive ways which is particularly important when dealing with children or the elderly.  Moreover, patients do not have to be transferred to BEH.

Three iPads for Immunosuppression Support Nurses who counsel and screen patients (in all areas of BEH) prior to immunosuppression therapy care, including patients with ocular inflammation in the uveitis, corneal and adnexal services.  By allowing nurses to access each patient’s details (including, for example, ordering blood tests and checking results, pharmaceutical records, appointments and medical evidence regarding treatment regimens etc) from anywhere in BEH, the iPads greatly enhance the quality of care provided, improve efficiency and allow nurses to spend more time with each patient.

Keeler Vantage Plus LED Indirect Ophthalmoscope
Icare Pro (TA03) Tonometer
Oslo Ophthalmic Patients Chair with Armrests
Sponsorship of Clinical Audit Seminars for BEH Staff

Counselling Training Course for Immunosuppression Support Nurse
Electronic patient call system (including display screen, ticket dispenser, tickets and installation)
TV for Patients in Pre-op department
Lockers for staff in A&E
Replacement Refrigerator for Staff Kitchen
Christmas Decorations in Patient Reception areas

24 April 2020

'Wonderful' online donations

The Wonderful online donation service was suspended on 31 March 2020 as a consequence of staff shortages caused by the Covid-19 crisis.  We have received all donations made before that date.

Thank you to everyone who donated or raised funds for us using Wonderful.  We are very grateful for the entirely free service provided by Wonderful and their sponsors.

While we hope that Wonderful may yet resume their service, we have appointed Donorbox as a new  means to collect donations online.  This is now live - you can donate using a debit or credit card via our Donorbox account.

1 April 2020, updated 5 May 2020

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR requires us to protect personal data, inform supporters what data is held for them, how it is used, and how it can be viewed, amended or deleted.  We have written to all Members, supporters and volunteers setting out how we comply with GDPR.  Our updated Privacy Policy can be viewed on our In Sight page.

If you have not heard from us and wish to be contacted, or if you want to know what data we hold for you or wish us to amend or delete any data, or if you require any further information about our stance on GDPR, please contact the Secretary.

17 May 2018, last updated 5 June 2019

In Sight

Our magazine In Sight is usually available in the Eye Hospital.  There are new racks throughout the hospital displaying copies of In Sight and our Donation Forms.  Supplies of our 2019 edition (and our donation forms) are low and we are currently unable to refresh them in BEH.

You can view or download a copy here In Sight.

Production of our 2020 edition is delayed.

25 February 2019, last updated  5 May 2020

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New Bright and Cheerful Mural on Level 3 

Since January 2019, visitors to Gloucester Ward have been welcomed by a large and colourful mural - commissioned by the hospital’s management, designed and painted by local artist Amy Hutchings and paid for by the Friends.


Amy was asked to create a colourful, vibrant and positive image illustrating Bristol Eye Hospital as central to eye health in the city.  It also had to be robust and easily cleaned to conform to modern hospital health and safety standards.  Amy’s design includes BEH in a skyline with green space, sky and water and uses primary colours more visible to the partially sighted and appealing to all ages.


Consultant Denize Atan commented “Hospitals are designed and decorated to meet pragmatic demands on space within a limited budget.  Few hospitals have budgets to make spaces appealing, yet studies have shown that exposure to ‘greenness’ and natural environments may improve surgical outcomes.  So we are excited to work with Amy to improve the hospital environment by decorating indoor spaces with outdoor scenes.”


The Friends were delighted to fund this project and we’re sure you’ll agree that it creates a much brighter and welcoming environment.


Other examples of Amy Hutchings' work can be found on Amy's website.


26 February 2019, amended 9 May 2019