Friends' Trustees visited the staff room on Gloucester Ward refurbished by the Friends in March 2013


The Friends’ business is managed by Trustees – all of whom are members of the Friends and who must seek re-election every three years. They are assisted by non-voting voluntary advisers, mainly from the staff of the Eye Hospital. Trustees and their advisers as at 1 July 2020 are:


Richard Markham (Chairman)
Dinah Harrison (Hon Secretary)
Simon St Leger-Harris (Hon Treasurer)
Kevin Abbey
Wendy Beatty
Kay McCluskey
James Reddish
Peter Turner
Heather Walker

Hospital Advisers

Mark Stevens (General Manager)
Jenny Ward (Theatre Manager)
Cathy Williams (Consultant Ophthalmologist)

Publicity Officer

Kevin Abbey

Charity Commission

We are regulated by the Charity Commission. Our Registered Charity Number is 274349.

Trustees’ Annual Reports & Accounts

Copies of our current and most recent Trustees’ Annual Report & Accounts may be downloaded from our Report and Accounts page,