Christmas Cards 2021

Our Christmas Cards are now on sale in the Eye Hospital.
Designs available can be seen at reception desks on the ground floor, Level 1 and Level 2 or on this poster.

Christmas card designs

Each pack contains ten cards of the same design plus envelopes.

Each pack costs £3 (regardless of any price shown on the pack).

Cards can be purchased from either of the main reception desks on the ground floor near the main entrance doors.  Sales are open between 8am and 5pm.

You can now pay by credit or debit card.  You can also pay by cash but staff will not be able to give you any change during the current emergency.

12 November 2021, withdrawn 22 December

Thank you, Peter

Peter Turner stood down at our AGM after over 19 years as a trustee.  He first came to a Friends’ meeting in January 2002 after hearing a talk from Consultant Ophthalmologist Mike Potts to the Bristol Society of Opticians.  Peter was elected as a trustee in May 2002 and served without a break until July 2021.

Peter is the third generation Optometrist now running his family’s practice Turners Opticians.  In addition he works part time as a Senior Optometrist in the glaucoma & cataract clinics at Bristol Eye Hospital.  In common with most health care providers at this time, he is catching up on a backlog of around nine months’ work as well as dealing with the current workload, so his commitments to his patients and to his wife and growing family of three are keeping him fully occupied.

Peter’s knowledge, experience, opinion and advice have been an invaluable help to his fellow trustees.  It’s been a long and happy association and we thank him so much for the many years of service and support he has given to the Friends.

3 August 2021 archived on 21 March 2022
Chairman Dinah Harrison

New Chairman and Secretary

At the trustees’ meeting following our online AGM on Tuesday 24 November 2020, Richard Markham confirmed that he would be retiring from the office of Chairman.  We are very grateful to Richard for being our Chairman for 4½ years and for agreeing to stay on longer than he intended because our AGM was delayed by the pandemic.  He continues as a trustee.

Dinah Harrison was elected by the trustees as our new Chairman, after serving as our Secretary for an astonishing 43 years.  Wendy Beatty was elected as our new Secretary.

We are delighted that Dinah and Wendy have taken on these important roles.

Dinah is our eighth Chairman and Wendy just our third Secretary since our foundation in 1977.

30 November 2020, archived on 26 July 2021
Janet Coakham

Janet Coakham

Janet Coakham, who died on 16 March 2020, was a trustee of the Friends for 15 years (1988 to 2004) and Vice-Chairman for 12½ years.  She was pleased to be able to do something for the hospital staff and patients as she was so grateful for the laser treatment which saved her vision.

She was the first editorial assistant of the British Journal of Neurosurgery which started at Frenchay in 1987.  She single-handedly saved it when the editor unexpectedly resigned and she ran it herself for two years until a new editor was appointed in 1992.  It is now a well-established international journal.

Janet had a quiet, unassuming manner and natural charm.  She was an utterly reliable practical help, especially when it came to organizing fund-raising social events.  She was kind, fun to be with and an elegant and reassuring presence on all occasions.  Friends’ Chairman Richard Markham said “She is and will be sadly missed by a very great number of people in Bristol”.

27 October 2020, moved to archive 5 May 2021

Trustees’ Annual Report & Accounts 2021

Our Trustees’ Annual Report & Accounts for the year to 28 February 2021 were approved at our online AGM on 20 July 2021 and were submitted to the Charity Commission the following day.

The Report includes full details of:

  • all the grants we made during the year
  • our income and key donors
  • our assessment that our activities and the sustainability of the charity are not materially impacted by the Covid-19 emergency;

Mark Carwardine

In September 2019, celebrated zoologist, wildlife photographer and environmentalist Mark Carwardine gave a most entertaining illustrated presentation at Ashton Court Mansion on his “Travels and Tribulations of a Zoologist” around the world.

100 supporters thoroughly enjoyed the show which raised £1,500 for the Friends.

Ashcombe Park Bowling Club Captains’ Day 2019

Bowling club’s charity of the year 2019

Friends of Bristol Eye Hospital was Ashcombe Park Bowling Club‘s Charity of the Year for 2019.  Martin Paterson said “As captain, I have the choice of which charity my club will support throughout the year.  Many of our members, including myself, are currently undergoing or have received treatment at Bristol Eye Hospital.  Therefore, to show our gratitude for all the treatment we have received, and after talking with Professor Sparrow, it was an automatic choice to support Friends of Bristol Eye Hospital.”

Overall, the club’s members raised £1,411 for us.  Thank you very much!

27 March 2019, updated 5 May 2021
Camilla Drinkall presenting the cheque to Friends’ Treasurer Simon St Leger-Harris

Moorwood Art Show 2019

Moorwood Art is a contemporary fine art gallery in an ancient bluebell wood in Bruton, Somerset. Artists’ work is presented within a relaxed home environment and sculpture is displayed within the surrounding gardens and woodland.

The Friends were delighted that Moorwood Art made us their charity of the year for their Art Show in 2019. The show, which ran for two weeks in March, displayed the work of 45 artists, including paintings, sculpture, wood turning and pottery – and raised £1,000 for the Friends.

Camilla Drinkall, who has organised the annual Moorwood Art Show since 2010, chose the Friends as their charity of the year because of the excellent care and treatment given by Bristol Eye hospital to her husband Philip as he suffered from very bad short sight and had two lens implants in 2018.

1 April 2019, updated 28 June 2019


The General Data Protection Regulation requires us to protect personal data, inform trustees, volunteers, members and other supporters what data we hold for them, how we use it, and how it can be viewed, amended or deleted.  In May 2018, we wrote to all members and supporters setting out how we comply with GDPR.  You can view our current Privacy Policy here:

Privacy Policy

If you have any question about the data we may hold for you or wish us to amend or delete anything, please contact the Secretary.

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