If you are a UK taxpayer, we can currently claim Gift Aid of 25% on your donations (including any donations made in the last four years).

When donating to us for the first time, we ask please that you make a Gift Aid declaration.  If donating by:

  • Card online, Open Banking, PayPal Giving Fund or Text, you can do this at the same time;
  • Contactless Card or Cash up to £30, no declaration is required;
  • any other way, please complete a Donation Form which contains a Gift Aid declaration.
Download Donation Form

If you have previously given us a Gift Aid declaration, no further paperwork is required when making a subsequent donation.  However if you change your name or home address, no longer pay sufficient tax, or no longer wish to Gift Aid your donations, please contact the Treasurer.

If you have donated before and not previously given us a Gift Aid declaration, please download the Gift Aid form below, complete and return it to the Treasurer by post or email.

Download Gift Aid Form

If you prefer not to complete a form, you can email or telephone the Treasurer and we can complete the declaration that way.

For more information about Gift Aid, please see this gov.uk page about tax relief when you donate to a charity.